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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant: Advanced Hair Transplant Method Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique is the most advanced hair transplant technique. FUE method of hair transplant is one of the most popular & advanced hair loss, male or female pattern baldness treatments offered at HairMD- hair transplant clinic in Pune with best, real and amazing hair transplant results. In the Follicular Unit Ex....Read More
what is the Procedure of FUE hair transplant?

         FUE hair transplant is very gold standard procedure these days to treat baldness mostly androgenetic baldness. there are many clinics mushrooming out there without proper skills and infrastructure here we are stating the clear and most advanced procedure of hair transplant step by step.

  1. Donor area examination - in this procedure we examine the donor area which is usually back of the scalp and in some cases beard area and rarely chest. we examine do you have enough number of hairs at the donor area which are needed for the transplantation at the recipient area. we also check whether you have healthy scalp or not or any kind of an infection you have, if yes then we have to treat that condition first.
  2. shaving- then our OT technicians will shave off your hairs for proper visualization, then we again check the density of the donor area for the number of donor hairs or grafts.
  3. designing the donor and recipient area - in this step, we divide donor and recipient area in per square mm quadrants, then decide how many grafts are needed in the recipient area and how many we can extract from donor area so that after the surgery donor area should not look thinned out.
  4. sterilization - then we sterilize the surgical area completely with betadine scrubbing so that it will get completely disinfected. this will reduce future chances of folliculitis.
  5. anesthesia- we give controlled local anesthesia all over the scalp with the help of anesthetic agents like xylocaine and bupivacaine. before that, we do a sensitivity test. don't worry this anesthesia only gives local anesthesia we won't be completely a sleep.
  6. hair line designing - then our surgeon Dr. Sachin Pawar does hair line designing, this is where the whole art lies. this is the deciding factor whether you are going to get perfectly natural looking hairline or not. 
  7. slit making- our surgeon makes slits on the recipient area in an original angle as your original hairs and at a predecided density. this is also one of the factors responsible for the natural look.
  8. extraction- then with the help of extractor hairs from donor area are extracted without touching the root of the hair. and transferred to the chillers.
  9. microscopic examination- this examination done under the very expensive and advanced microscopes for its health and number of follicles.
  10. implanting - then those grafts are implanted in the recipient area with the help of patented implanters called DHI implanters.
  11. this process of extraction, examination, and implantation is done simultaneously which gives the best outcome and delivers maximum graft survival rate.this process is called as Direct Hair Transplant.

here is all you need to know about the FUE hair transplant 



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