Can We Use Mild Baby Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 28, 2023

Can We Use Mild Baby Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss?

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How effective is a baby shampoo for adult hair loss?

Is baby shampoo for hair growth possible?

Are you worried about the chemicals in your shampoo? Do you feel like trying a baby shampoo for your hair? 

Baby shampoos are milder and are not just meant for toddlers and infants; they are equally beneficial for adults as they are toxin-free. But does baby shampoo for adult hair loss work? 

If you see visible hair fall while shampooing and experiencing hair loss from the hairline, then it’s time to change your shampoo, as your shampoo may have harmful ingredients that turn your hair dry, frizzy and brittle. 

Men and women are losing their hair faster nowadays due to pollution, dirt and dust, and eating habits.

The excess use of hair styling products to quickly set the hair is also a major reason behind weak hair. The chemicals build up on the scalp and strip the hair of its natural oil and nourishment, leading to excess hair fall. 

How effective is a baby shampoo for adult hair loss?

Baby shampoos are free from chemicals and parabens, which are predominantly used in adult shampoos. Hair products for babies are specially formulated for sensitive hair and scalp of the babies. The baby shampoos have the right pH balance and cleanse the hair without any side effects. People who are facing hair loss and seeking harmless chemical-free products can use baby shampoo for adult hair loss. This shampoo will cleanse your hair gently without leaving any harmful residue. Most baby shampoos come with moisturisers, and hence, there is no need to use a conditioner after washing.  

Is baby shampoo for hair growth possible?

Although baby shampoos do not stimulate hair growth, they can reduce the hair fall problem as the products are free from harmful toxins and chemicals. Baby shampoos are formulated using nonionic surfactants and amphoteric surfactants, which are the mildest form of hair detergent that suits adults as well and help repair the scalp and hair and make it healthier. These gentle shampoos may also contain calendula extract, which helps hydrate dry hair and combat and remove dandruff that may help hair follicles grow back. It also softens the hair, making them shinier, silkier and healthier.

As baby shampoos are milder, therefore you may need frequent washes and more amount of shampoo to cleanse off the dirt, dandruff and other build-ups. Different types of baby shampoos are available in the market. Check the ingredients or consult a dermatologist to know if it meets your requirements.

If your hair fall is persistent, they seek a dermatologist to get a detailed analysis of your problem. Experts at HairMD can help you to understand if your baby shampoo for adult hair loss is effective or not. He/She will also evaluate the cause of your hair loss and recommend the right treatment for hair growth.

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