Do Workout Supplements Affect Hair Growth?


Blog, Guide | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | February 11, 2023

Do Workout Supplements Affect Hair Growth?

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Can Body Supplements Affect Hair Growth?

How to Tackle Workout Supplement-Induced Hair Loss?

Workout supplements help amplify the effect of exercising. They provide the body with the nutrition it requires and fosters quicker and better muscle growth.

While that’s a given, many people complain about hair loss when they are on a workout supplement regime. However, the question is, can hair loss be attributed to using workout supplements? Of course, there could be other reasons as well for it. But in cases where workout supplements induce hair loss or affect hair growth, what could be the reason? And do workout supplements really affect hair growth? Let’s find out.

Can Body Supplements Affect Hair Growth?

Although we cannot generalize, body supplements can negatively impact hair growth in many cases. While providing the body with the desired muscle mass and shape, they foster hair loss on the other. It is because body supplements like creatine, protein shakes, and growth hormone supplements contain elements that help increase testosterone.

Increased testosterone levels aid mass muscle growth. But simultaneously consuming the supplement also increases DHT. Excessive DHT production causes hair follicle loss, resulting in hair fall and baldness.

Now, do all protein shakes cause hair loss or affect hair growth? The answer is no. Not all of them affect hair growth. In fact, protein is vital for hair growth. But non-organic protein shakes containing growth hormone or those with branch amino acids can trigger hair loss and also slow down the pace and reduce the extent of hair growth.

How to Tackle Workout Supplement-Induced Hair Loss?

Let’s look at a few ways to deal with hair loss caused by workout supplements.

  • Stop consuming creatine and supplements containing growth hormones to stop hair loss. Of course, it will take time for the body to return to normal. But once it does, it will regrow hair follicles, and you will experience a reduction in hair loss.
  • Regular exercises can help increase blood circulation, improve blood and oxygen flow to reach the scalp, and foster hair follicle growth.
  • In addition, you can maintain a proper diet, which, while keeping your body healthy, also doesn’t let the supplement affect hair growth or cause hair loss.
  • Based on the dermatologist’s recommendation, you may use Minoxidil to reverse DHT’s effects on the male body.

However, you must seek a dermatologist’s help before you go for a particular treatment or consume medications to stop hair loss due to workout supplements. The dermatologists will diagnose your condition and recommend the right treatment.

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