Wearing a Helmet is Important – Know its Connection with Hair Loss


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 20, 2023

Helmets and hair loss Connection between them

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Does Wearing a Helmet Cause Baldness?

Everything About Helmets and Hair Loss

Are you losing hair due to wearing a helmet? Then you must read this! Hair emerges from the hair follicles and is a natural helmet for the human head. However, a helmet is very much required in its place. Several external and internal conditions may cause hair loss, and some fingers point towards the helmet, causing hair loss. If you are a two-wheeler user, then continue with the blog to learn the connection between helmets and hair loss

Shedding 50-100 strands of hair is a part of the natural hair growth cycle consisting of three phases- growth, rest and fall. Hair loss, on the other hand, is a different condition where more than 125 strands of hair fall out from the follicles regularly. There are no signs of regrowth, and bald patches emerge if the cause is not treated. 

Does Wearing a Helmet Cause Baldness?

Helmets are a biker’s best friend as they assure protection while you enjoy your ride. There is no direct connection between hair loss due to helmets; however, improper usage may lead to some hair conditions. Helmets are compulsory to be worn while taking a ride on your two-wheeler vehicle, and the protection it provides is unquestionable. However, an unfit helmet may lead to traction alopecia.

Does Wearing a Helmet Cause Baldness?

Traction alopecia is a hair condition that emerges due to the constant pulling of hair. Tight ponytails, improper hairstyles, styling tools and helmets may lead to it. Yes, if your helmet is too tight and allows no air to enter your hair roots, then they fall out due to suffocation. Sweat may clog the pores and may lead to infections like dandruff which leads to hair loss. 

Everything About Helmets and Hair Loss

Hair loss due to the helmet can be treated by changing your helmet to the right one. It must be loose but not too loose; you must follow the following steps to prevent hair loss due to helmet tension. 

  • Keep a cotton cloth between your helmet and hair 
  • Avoid wearing a helmet on wet hair 
  • Clean your helmet on time 
  • Clean your scalp to remove sebum that may cause hair infections
  • Moisturise your hair 

Hair Loss

If using the helmet has turned into hair loss due to traction alopecia or fungal infection, then visit a dermatologist immediately. The hair doctor will assess your hair loss and suggest treatment to reverse hair loss to prevent balding. 

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