What are the Side Effects of Wearing Wigs?


Blog, Guide | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | June 29, 2023

What are the Side Effects of Wearing Wigs?

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What are Permanent Women’s and Men’s Wigs?

What are the Disadvantages of a Wig? – Permanent Wig Side Effects

Alternatives to Hair Wig

Wearing a wig can save a day and benefit you. But only temporarily. It could be tempting to use a hair wig permanently to hide baldness or those annoying bald patches. But wearing a hair wig often and for a long time can have various side effects. So, what are the disadvantages of a wig? Let’s look at some permanent wig side effects in this blog.

What are Permanent Women’s and Men’s Wigs?

As we all know, wigs are hair pieces made from synthetic materials or real human hair.  You cannot style synthetic wigs but they hold their shape. On the other hand, you can style human wigs with a blower or straightener like natural hair.

Wigs have several advantages like an instantly transformed look, numerous styles, and convenience. But one cannot discount their disadvantages while being driven by their benefits. So, here are some cons of wearing a wig.

What are the Disadvantages of a Wig? – Permanent Wig Side Effects

From limiting various physical activities to considerable maintenance and care, here are some side effects or disadvantages you should factor in before choosing to use a wig.

  • Discomfort, Pain, and Itchiness

. Prolonged use of a wig can cause discomfort. While feeling unpleasant, it could feel uncomfortable using a wig in hot weather. Potential effects include itchiness, rashes, and even headaches.

  • Restrictions on Physical Activities

Wigs can restrict you from performing various physical activities. For instance, you cannot swim with a wig on your head. It is because wigs could get detached causing embarrassment. It is unless you can manage swimming without wetting your head. Besides, indulging in heavy physical exercises can also become challenging with a wig.

  • Unusual Appearance

Synthetic hair wig has an unnatural shine. Thus, when you wear them, the wig would look prominent and appear unnatural to the onlooker.

  • Significant Care and Maintenance

Wigs demand a considerable amount of regular care and maintenance to keep them in excellent and as natural-looking condition as possible.

  • Substantial Costs Involved

Human hair wigs look natural. But they have a significant amount of cost associated with buying them and a maintenance regime to retain their shine. Besides, human hair wigs do not last for long. Hence, damage to the wig can require investing in another wig.

Alternatives to Hair Wig

So, if using wigs, in the long run, has as many disadvantages, what alternatives would you have? One of the most effective ones is going for a hair transplant. A hair transplant is a relatively expensive procedure with a gradual phase-by-phase outcome over 9-12 months.

Hair Transplant Results After 12 Months

Hair Transplant Results After 12 Months

However, undergoing a hair transplant through an experienced dermatologist can help you regrow hair naturally and enjoy its advantages in the long run.

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