Detoxing Your Hair to Cure Hair Loss – The Myths and Facts


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 12, 2023

Detoxing Your Hair to Cure Hair Loss - The Myths and Facts

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It is easy to fall prey to myths about hair loss when one is suffering from it. Although, it is important to have in-depth factual knowledge about hair care routines so that damage to hair does not occur. Cleaning and detoxing your hair is the first step towards having healthy hair. Therefore, it is essential to understand the different myths and facts related to hair loss while detoxing. 

Myths About Hair Loss 

Below listed are a few of the most common myths and truths associated with detoxing your hair and hair loss- 

  • Frequent Shampooing Will Dry Your Hair

Many people believe that shampooing your hair frequently will dry your hair’s natural oils. But, the truth is frequent washing keeps the scalp and hair clean and helps maintain adequate hair growth. It is important to shampoo according to the condition of your scalp. Oily scalp requires frequent or daily shampooing while dry scalp needs twice a week shampooing. 

  • Wearing Caps and Helmets Causes Hair Fall 

There is no relationship between caps and hair fall. However, clean your caps, hats and helmets regularly to avoid infections. Also opt for a loose and correct fitting as a tight fitting might pull hair and cause breakage. 

  • Shampooing Causes Hair Fall 

Losing hair while combing and shampooing is very common. No shampoo is directly responsible for hair fall or loss. Shampooing or combing can simply pull off already detached hair from the scalp which looks as though there is hair fall. 

Shampooing causes hair fall

  • Hard Water and Soft Water – Relation with hair loss 

There is no direct relation of water with hair loss. But hard water can cause minerals to get deposited on the hair making them rough, dry and dull. These dry hair are more prone to tangles and breakage and thus might cause hair fall. Soft water gives a relaxing, clean feel after a wash and hence is preferred. 

Ways to Detox Your Hair 

Below listed are the top three ways in which you can detox your hair- 

  • Choosing the Correct Shampoo 

The different hair types include thin, natural, relaxed, damaged, or coloured. You must choose a shampoo that matches your hair type. 

  • Use Natural Oils 

The use of natural oils such as coconut oil helps keep the scalp and hair healthy. The scalp is the very foundation of the hair palette and oiling it frequently aids in the growth of vibrant and shiny hair. 

  • Use of Right Brushes for Combing 

Use wide-toothed combs for your hair. It helps in working on hair roots to the tips. If your hair is tangled, first section your hair and untangle it from tip to bottom.

Hair loss is associated with numerous rumours and beliefs. If you are experiencing a heavy decrease in your hair volume, consult your hair loss dermatologist, and they will help you find the cause and treatments that best suit your hair.

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