Study Stress and Hair Loss- What is the Truth?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 12, 2023

Study Stress and Hair Loss- What is the Truth?

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What is Hair Loss?

Is there Hair Loss Due to Stress and Anxiety?

How to Treat Stress Hair Loss?

Hair loss has become a common phenomenon that can be encountered by people of all ages. Many factors may trigger it, including stress. 

Continue with the blog to know the truth behind academic stress and hair loss. 

What is Hair Loss?

Every day we shed 50-100 hair strands from hair follicles as a part of the natural hair growth cycle comprising; growth, rest and fall phases. Hair fall replaces dull and brittle hair with new hair. While hair loss is a condition where more than these hair strands fall out regularly with no signs of regrowth. Hair loss may occur due to many external and internal factors that tend to disturb the cycle. Some hair loss conditions can be reversed while some others can only be slowed down. 

Is there Hair Loss Due to Stress and Anxiety? 

One of the factors causing hair loss is stress and anxiety. Yes, study stress and anxiety may lead to the following types of hair loss conditions- 

  • Alopecia Areata 

Severe academic stress can lead to triggering of this autoimmune disorder where the immune system of the body attacks the hair follicles and leads to excessive hair fall. 

  • Trichotillomania

Pulling hair while under stress makes hair weaker and easy to fall. Pulling your hair can even lead to baldness which may be patchy and hair strands will be of different lengths.

  • Hair Loss Due to Malnutrition 

Stress hair loss can occur due to malnutrition. The digestive system during stress can lead to poor absorption of nutrients. Lack of nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamins and proteins causes thinning of hair and then hair loss. 

  • Hair Loss Due to Poor Lifestyle 

Lack of sleep, bad habits like late-night studying and lack of physical activity may also lead to hair loss. 

How to Treat Stress Hair Loss?

How to Treat Stress Hair Loss?

Hair loss due to academic stress is reversible and can be treated by- 

  • Work on Lifestyle 

Sleeping on time by following a proper study schedule can help reduce stress. You must follow a proper lifestyle to keep academic stress at bay. 

  • Take a Proper Diet 

Consumption of a proper diet containing all the necessary nutrients is very important in teenagers and adults for proper hair growth and overall development. 

  • Manage Stress 

You must work on managing your stress by getting involved in co-curricular activities, yoga, meditation or any activity of your choice. 

If you are a college/schoolgoer and suffering from excessive hair loss then visit an expert dermatologist immediately. The hair doctor will identify the cause and prescribe treatment accordingly to prevent further hair fall and to regain the lost hair.

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