Scalp Sensitivity and Hair Loss – Everything You Need to Know


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | September 29, 2022

Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Scalp Sensitivity

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What causes scalp sensitivity and tenderness? Why does the hair seem to hurt? How is scalp sensitivity related to hair loss? Is a sensitive scalp itchy, inflamed, and painful? How to reduce scalp sensitivity with home remedies and medical treatments? Here is everything you need to know about scalp sensitivity and hair loss and treatments for this condition. 

Causes of Scalp Sensitivity 

  • Health conditions like migraine, tension headache, psoriasis, lice infestation, infection, dandruff, and other skin disorders, can lead to scalp sensitivity, causing tenderness, inflammation, irritation, and pain in the scalp region. 
  • Folliculitis, furunculosis, and carbunculosis are some infections of the hair follicles that cause scalp sensitivity to touch. 
  • Scalp sensitivity and hair loss are interlinked because alopecia areata, a type of hair loss, can lead to a sensitive scalp, and scratching an itchy, sensitive scalp can damage the hair follicles, leading to hair fall.
  • Extreme climatic conditions can lead to scalp sensitivity. 
  • Stress is another reason for a sensitive scalp.

Symptoms of a Sensitive Scalp

  • The common symptoms of a sensitive scalp include burning and stinging in the scalp region, discomfort in that skin area, and dryness of the scalp skin. 
  • Numbness and pain may also be experienced in the scalp region. 
  • Peeling, flaking, and scaling of the skin in the scalp region may also be seen. 
  • Scalp tenderness is often accompanied by conditions like psoriasis, eczema, headaches, allergies, and hair loss. 
  • In some people, the scalp goes numb, which is often a result of injury or a pinched nerve, while in many others, there is scalp sensitivity to touch, which means even a slight touch to the scalp is painful. 
  • ‘Why do the roots of my hair hurt?’ is a common question that many people ask. The answer is that lack of shampooing and conditioning the hair causes oils to accumulate around the hair shaft, leading to overgrowth of yeast on the scalp, further leading to dandruff. This results in inflammation and sensitivity of the scalp, and the hair or hair roots seem to hurt. However, it is the skin of the scalp that hurts, mostly when touched or when combing, which occurs mainly due to scalp sensitivity and tenderness.

Scalp Sensitivity Treatment

  • How to reduce scalp sensitivity? Scalp sensitivity treatment is based on its underlying cause. Topical creams, ointments, and antiseptics can help in reducing the irritation and pain caused by scalp tenderness. 
  • Certain medicated shampoos and conditioners can also help with scalp tenderness and sensitivity.
  • A proper hair care routine, and avoiding sun exposure, and harsh chemicals 
  • are necessary so as to prevent scalp sensitivity and tenderness. 
  • To get the correct scalp sensitivity treatment, it is important to get its cause diagnosed from an expert in the field.
  • For a sensitive scalp caused by psoriasis or other skin conditions, a prescription medicine would be required.
  • For scalp sensitivity caused by dandruff, proper shampooing and washing of the hair and scalp region would be required.
  • For a sensitive scalp resulting from sunburn or harsh weather, it is best to avoid going outdoors.
  • If hair treatments and chemical hair products are causing scalp sensitivity, changing the hair care products would be the solution.

So, this is everything you should know about scalp sensitivity and hair loss and about how to prevent and treat tenderness and pain in the scalp region. If this does not work, visit your dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment according to the condition. For expert advice on treating scalp sensitivity and hair loss and any other hair conditions, one of the best places to approach is HairMD, a reputed hair transplant centre in Pune. Their team of experienced dermatologists will guide you well and give you the best hair treatments to help you achieve beautiful tresses.

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