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Top 5 Facts you need to know about Hair Transplant!

May 13, 2017

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If you suffer from baldness or a certain type of hair loss, a hair transplant can provide you with only a permanent solution. No matter how many different types of “exotic” oils you use, they won’t work. But if you are still apprehensive about the procedure, here are some facts that might help you make your decision.

1) Is it a one-time solution? It depends on many factors!

No one likes to go the doctor again and again, but hair transplant is one of the cosmetic procedures where you don’t need to repeat it year after year! Why is that? The hair which is transplanted to your bald area is usually extracted from a region of your scalp known as the “safe zone.” This safe zone does not have the DNA which causes male pattern baldness, so you don’t have to worry about going to shinier times again. However, in some cases, a person is prone to go bald. After a hair transplant, with little care, regular follow up & advice of doctor & care, you can have hairs for life long period. The usual period for which transplanted hair lasts is 20 years. Also, age at which hair transplant is done also matters. If you do it in your 30s, it will last till to you reach 60s. Then they are bound to fall as your growing age & degenerating body comes into the picture! You can watch a video answer by Dr Dhruv, MBBS, MS on the permanency of hair transplant in case of pattern baldness.

2) You can treat your implants like normal hair.

Some people might be scared of getting a haircut, using a shampoo or even a color dye after getting a hair transplant in the fear of losing them, but you really don’t have to worry about that. You can treat your new grown hair as you used to treat your normal hair before going bald. But, to get healthy hairs after surgery, don’t avoid immediate aftercare instructions by Surgeon. So don’t be afraid of getting that Mohawk!

3) It is the hair transplant minimal painful procedure.

Sign of relief? It is generally carried under local anesthesia with expert surgeons who carry out the entire procedure with relative ease and comfort. If you have doubt or don’t believe, then you must listen to our patient who recently undergone transplant with us.

4) It will NOT cost you a fortune.

Another sign of relief? Although the cost of hair transplant may vary depending on parameters like the number of grafts that are needed, infrastructure, the experience of surgeon etc. &  that doesn’t mean it is going to cost you an arm and leg. Due to the increasing popularity and technological advancements, the cost of hair transplant has gone down in the last decade. Though the cost of hair transplant surgery has gone down, you should not lure into some offer or discount like thing, because it may then cost you a fortune! We strongly recommend you to watch & listen to surgeon’s words on the importance of cost & another related factor in hair transplant.

5) There is no hair transplant age limit!

The good thing about this cosmetic procedure is that you don’t need to be young to be qualified for it, in fact, this procedure should ideally be done when all your hair falls out to obtain even and better growth of hair. So you can still dream of looking like David Beckham at the age of 50! We recommend you to watch this video by Dr Dhananjay Chavan, MBBS, DVD on what one must know before doing the hair transplant.

We know, as a patient you have a lot of queries & that you must have! Also, due to the internet, the world is within few milliseconds reach & so the vast information treasure. But, still, sometimes internet lacks in the authenticity of data, particularly in aesthetic medicine, & it has become a task to find the correct answer. So, we have come up with our Youtube Channel HairMD India where we have created some patient education video focusing on Aesthetic Medicines & Dermatology particularly on a Hair transplant, hair loss, Laser hair removal. We suggest you visit our channel for more educational content.

At HairMD, we have some best results that hard to believe that they are achieved through transplant. & we encourage you to visit our clinic to know how we achieve such best result & listen to patients who have trusted us for hair transplant. What are you waiting for? That Mohawk isn’t going to grow on its own!


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