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Male Hair Loss

How to stop hair fall immediately?

Hair fall is a very common problem faced by many people nowadays. So many people want to stop their hair fall immediately. People always think of how to stop hair fall immediately? can we really stop hair fall immediately? Unfortunately, No we can not stop hair fall immediately instead you can control your hair fall.

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately.

However, science has not evolved that much for immediately stopping hair loss. It takes about 2-3 months to achieve good control over hair fall and almost about 9 months to regain the old hair density. Certainly, this also depends on the cause of your hair loss. Once you get to know the causes of hair loss in men, then we can comment on how much time you will need to achieve control over hair loss. Now let’s try to see how much time it will take to cure or control the hair loss along with the treatment modality which will work for that.

Causes Of Hair Fall

There are many reasons which lead to Hair Fall. Let us see what are the reasons which cause hair to fall.

  • Nutritional Deficiency: Sometimes, essential nutrients required for our body are missing from our diets. Essential nutrients such as Zinc, Copper, Proteins, Iron. Even Vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss in many people.
  • Heredity: This is the most common cause of hair loss which is also called as Male-Pattern baldness or Female-Pattern baldness. Receding hairline and bald spots are seen in men.
  • Stress: This can cause a kind of temporary hair loss. It is caused either by physical or emotional stress. The best way to stop hair loss in this situation is by getting rid of your stressful life.
  • Hairstyling: Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles which pull your hair tight can cause hair loss, which is also called Traction Alopecia.
  • Trauma: Any kind of trauma on the body like surgery or accidents can also cause hair loss. It is usually temporary in nature. So don’t worry once trauma effect is reduced, hair loss also eventually gets reduced.

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Tips To Control Hair Fall

Let’s check some tips which can help to control hair fall.

  • Choose your shampoo and conditioner according to your scalp type. Avoid using a shampoo which contains heavy chemicals.
  • You need to have healthier diet habits. Try feeding your body with right nutrients particularly plenty of proteins and iron.
  • However, along with a balanced diet, exercising also helps in controlling hair fall. Yoga and meditation help to improve your and your hairs health.
  • Undergoing rigorous hair treatments such as straightening, perming and coloring your hairs can damage your hair quality and can cause hair fall or hair breakage.
  • Using chemically-laden hair products can lead to harmful in the long run. So try avoiding the use of heavy chemical products.
  • Apply oil to your hair and massage thoroughly.

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Treatments For Hair loss

There are various treatments and medications which are prescribed to control hair fall in different stages of hair fall. Let’s see what are different medications and treatments. Minoxidil and Finasteride, both are US FDA approved medications, which are widely prescribed medications for hair fall treatment. Along with these medications, some evidence-based treatments such as PRP, Mesotherapy, LLLT, Dermaroller, etc. also prescribed.

At most when you face Complete Baldness, the treatment for it, is FUE hair transplant. But here also you won’t get instant results, this takes around 9 to 12 months for full growth with good aftercare.


I hope, have tried giving you the information about How To Stop Hair Fall, can we really stop hair fall immediately, etc. It is really important that you should keep realistic expectations and be patient with results. If you have more queries or require more information related hair loss or hair problems, you can call us on +91-7888 091 119 we will help you out.

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