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Common myths & Facts about Hair Transplant that need to be rooted out!

May 9, 2017

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Common myths & Facts about Hair Transplant that need to be rooted out!

Myths can be dangerous! Not only are they far off from the truth, they can also keep you away from finding out the actual Facts. So if you’re someone who is tired of seeing a bald guy in your mirror and want to opt for greener options, but is apprehensive about the hair transplant let us debunk some common misconceptions and lead you to the shampoo aisle!

1) It is better to do hair transplant at early age & there is no age limit for hair transplant.

Fact: This is a fairly popular myth, but it can’t be further away from the truth. You should NEVER get a hair transplant done unless your hair loss has progressed a significant amount or to the permanency. You should wait for right time & age for hair transplant. If you still decide against it, you will end up with random bald patches and thin hair, which can cause more embarrassment than baldness itself! If you have stopped losing hair or you feel that your baldness or hair loss is stabilised & is in 30s or 40s, then you can consider Hair Transplant. But, Before taking any decision about hair transplant, You must know important parameter to consider while going for hair transplant. We recommend you to visit your dermatologist, check your eligibility of hair transplant & understand the process thouroughly. Or Contact us, to know more.

2) People will know that you have fake hair!

Fact: This myth is inaccurate on multiple levels. You don’t get “fake” hair when you get a transplant. The hair which is used in the procedure is extracted from your scalp itself! So don’t worry about people noticing your “silicon” hair. Due to advancement in technology and the skill of the surgeon performing the surgery, the results of hair transplant is very subtle, natural& real. You are in dilemma about hair transplant results, then you must visit our before after page.

3) Hair transplant will only be successful in men & it’s not for women.

Fact: Just like most of the medical procedures, hair transplant does not differentiate between men and women. Although hair loss affects women in a different way that doesn’t mean that the procedure cannot be performed. You can see successful results of our female hair transplant patients on our page of Hair transplant.

4) You will need to do repetitive hair transplants to maintain hair.

Fact: Fortunately, hair transplant is not like getting a boob job where you need to do it every few years. It is a onetime& permanent solution to baldness. So don’t lose your new hair over worrying about it. There is no one better than HairMD to put your faith in.

5) You can get someone else’s hair.

Fact: If you wanted to transform yourself from Vin Diesel to Fabio, I have some bad news for you. You can only use hair follicles extracted from your scalp. So if you are a brunette who always wanted to have naturally blonde hair, I’m afraid you will have to stick with a hair dye! Read more on why it is not possible to get someone else’s hairs for your hair transplant

We know, the internet is an ocean of information and it confuses us all the time. If you are willing to do a hair transplant, getting 2 state mind due to reading many hair transplant disasters, bad reviews, horror story, but at the same time some real results, happy inspiring stories, don’t worry we are here to help you out & take the best decision of life. Please write to us in a comment or you can contact.

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