Does minoxidil cause hair loss?


Male Hair Loss- Questions, Questions | HairMD | July 4, 2021

Hair Loss is a widely faced problem for many people. Most people who are facing Hair Loss generally start the use of Minoxidil. Sometimes under Dermatologists prescription and sometimes self-prescribed. When you start using minoxidil, it will initially trigger hair fall. You must not panic This type of hair loss is absolutely normal and it is a good sign. It is an indicator that your hair has moved from the resting phase into the anagen or growth phase.

Minoxidil and Male pattern baldness

The most common hair loss seen in middle-aged men is pattern baldness. This hair loss is due to genetic factors. When talking about all types of baldness, in male patterns mostly it is the crown area that is affected.

Then the top part of the head will experience a receding hairline. It is important to meet a dermatologist and start on prescribed medications. Use the medicine only under their consultation, having half knowledge is dangerous. Minoxidil doses are in 2%, 5%, and 10%. Most women have been advised to use 2% Minoxidil. Men’s doses start off with 5% and then based on the efficacy and change may be recommended.

Why Minoxidil for hair loss?

Minoxidil is One of the US FDA approved medications for hair loss. This medication works very well for male pattern baldness. The regular use of these medications helps with the best hair loss results.People will stop using this medicine once they start noticing the shedding, and they panic.  You must understand the proper benefits of minoxidil and the timeframe to expect results before stopping it completely.


Does Minoxidil thicken hair?

Besides minoxidil for hair loss, this treatment is also known to enlarge hair follicles that have shrunk because of hormonal changes. This change in follicles increases hair thickness and density. Also, minoxidil stimulates new hair growth and stops your hairline from receding. Minoxidil increases hair thickness and hair density, this way the new hair growth will come back stronger and fuller.

Minoxidil shedding: The stages of hair regrowth

Your hair will grow in several stages. It will start by entering an anagen phase, this is where the hair growth will begin. Next, your hair will enter the catagen and telogen phases, this is where the strands will shrink and detach from follicles and get replaced by new hair. The final stage is known as the exogen phase, wherein each strand falls out and is replaced by new hair.

You may notice increased hair loss after using minoxidil because it is said to trigger the anagen phase, and this is where men will start experiencing hair shedding. This happens so that the new hair can grow at a good healthy length and thickness. This is why some men may experience increased hair loss after using minoxidil. It is not a cause of worry and it is best to stay the course.

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