How to use dermaroller and minoxidil for hair loss


Female Hair Loss, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 5, 2021

Having confusion about How to use Dermaroller and Minoxidil together? It seems, you been losing too much hair and having fear of growing bald soon?  Thought of undergoing a lot of treatments to save your hair. Don’t worry, I will help you further to guide you about treatments. As you know, Dermaroller and Minoxidil are widely used treatments for hair loss, which potentiate each other’s efficiency when used together.

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Every day I come across patients who are suffering hair loss and have lots of confusion about medications and treatments. Starting a proper medication and treatment is very important to save your hair. Let’s see Dermaroller and Minoxidil, which are widely used treatments for hair loss, how do they work?

How does Minoxidil work for Hair Loss?


How does Minoxidil work for Hair Loss


How does Dermaroller work for Hair Loss?

  • Dermaroller is an equipment which uses the technology of microneedling to stimulate hair growth.
  • It increases your blood circulation, cell production and collagen production in the scalp.
  • It is a small rolling pin covered in metal spikes, with a handle, which when rolled over your scalp, causes micro-injuries to the scalp tissue.
  • Your scalp then reacts to produce new skin over the areas of injury, releasing human growth hormone and other chemicals to assist with it.
  • Dermaroller has been proven to be effective in most cases. But, again It may vary depending on genetics, diet, age, and health condition.


Does Dermaroller work for hair loss?


Let’s have a glance on how to use Dermaroller on your scalp

Can I Use Dermaroller and Minoxidil together?

  • Yes, definitely Dermaroller and minoxidil as a combination treatment work on hairs. Which are in an active stage of growth.
  • When you use Dermaroller before or after applying minoxidil, it massively boosts the absorption of minoxidil. And makes it a much more effective hair loss treatment.

When to apply minoxidil with Dermaroller?

  • The most effective way to use dermaroller with minoxidil is to first roll the scalp with the roller, and then apply minoxidil.
  • Though you can carry it out the other way round, too, whichever way suits you.
  • It is essential to apply minoxidil after rolling, for optimal effect. Because temporary channels created in the skin by the derma roller close within an hour.

Which needle should we use along with Minoxidil?

  • When you are using dermaroller along with minoxidiluse a needle length between 0.2 mm-0.5 mm. Avoid using a longer needle to prevent deeper absorption of minoxidil and its resulting side effects.
  • When you are using Dermaroller without minoxidil, you can use a needle that is 0.5mm to 1mm long
  • To achieve maximum benefits, You can use a shorter needle length derma roller (0.2 mm-0.5 mm) 2-3 times a week with minoxidil to enhance its absorption and to promote better regeneration of the hair follicles. Use a longer length derma roller (0.5 mm-1 mm) once a fortnight.

I have tried giving you all the information related to a combination treatment i.e. Dermaroller along with Minoxidil.  Professionals from HairMD Clinic have experience in guiding patients through both the treatments for hair loss and optimizing them maximally. Kindly do comment and share this article with your friends, if you think it is helpful. We hope for your speedy recovery.

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