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Does derma roller work for dht hair loss

Question:- Does derma roller work for DHT hair loss?



DHT role in hair loss

DHT(dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen. It is a sex hormone which is produced as the by-product of testosterone, it plays an important role in hair loss.

What foods block DHT

Through some natural diet process, we can block DHT hormone.

  • Food likes tomato, watermelon, mangoes which contain lycopene which is a DHT inhibitor. Other foods like almond, walnut, peanut are also a DHT inhibitor.
  • Reducing sugar and drinking is also good to block DHT hormone.
  • Moderate caffeine intake is also good
  • Using saw palmetto shampoo, which helps to produce slow DHT hormone

How does dermaroller work

It is a very simple but most effective treatment, it generally causes micro-injury to our scalp and helps in proper blood circulation to our hairs. Results also have shown that it helps in protein productions and which helps in new hair regrowth. It also helps to build collagen production in 12 months. Derma roller can be used one in a week, depends on hair conditions after dermatologist concern only.


Thus Dermaroller is good to control hair loss, if used with some other oral USA FDA approved medications such as Minoxidil & Finasteride only, with dermatologist prescriptions.

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